How Covid-19 propelled growth online education industry in the field of Animation, VFX & Graphic, Web Design

Posted in Animation, KSHITIJ VIVAN blogs on Jun 22, 2020

The Corona Virus pandemic has compelled every country to go into lockdown, the ripple effect of which led to closing of schools, classes, education institutes, training academies and colleges. Globally, around 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. Now, the future will belong to online classes because even after the end of this pandemic, it will not be normal as earlier to move out of the homes easily. So now this will be the new normal....Online will be the new normal!

Online learning is becoming more and more common, whether for comfort, adapting to work hours or just having the freedom to study from anywhere. And now with the coronavirus pandemic, as people have to stay at home, it has become more important than ever. The animation, graphic design, web design, vfx industry is also now a part of this evolving education crisis and has adapted to the online teaching process.

If you want to know in detail regarding growth of online education you can also refer to the below video:

What makes online learning so interesting?

1) Ease of monitoring: In a physical class we have to take notes on everything, but in online classes everything can be recorded in video.

2) The ability to connect with people all around the world: This is one great benefit of online education the limitation of boundaries are removed, for example you are in Vadodara or Surat then also you can take classes in Ahmedabad without even visiting there.

3) Saves Time: You can take online classes at your home itself and you don’t have to go anywhere, thus the travelling time is saved. It is very useful in Cities Like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Somnath, Junagadh, Udaipur, Jidhpur, Mount-Abu, Pratapgarh where you have to face traffic while going to classes or school, colleges.

4) The democratization of education: An important advantage of online education is that it is relatively low cost and gives privilege to people who can’t afford heavy fees of some institutes.

Looking at the importance of online education, many institutes specially we at Kshitij Vivan, are increasing our focus towards online education and providing high quality education to students through online mediums. We are one of the high ended and leading educational institute and we provide courses in Animation, Graphic designing, web designing, web development, VFX, multimedia, Filmmaking, 2D & 3D Animation, Architecture walk through and gaming.

In such a competitive and time starved world, it is important to move to online education as it allows the people to learn new skills, add value to their current skillset and broaden their horizons without the constraints of time and place.




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