Career Opportunities in Gaming Industry

Posted in 3D Animation, Animation, Game Designing on Jul 11, 2020

Career Opportunities in Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has come a long way in establishing itself as a fast-evolving sector today. According to NASSCOM Report, the Indian gaming industry is now worth around $890 million. Pertaining to this, there is rising demand for professionals to build a career in this field. There are a lot of opportunities in this sector.


Let’s have a look at some of the most rewarding careers in the gaming industry

  1. Game Designer: Game designer are the architect of the games and their work is planning & defining all the elements of the game. Game designers visualize the game concept on which the whole game is then made with the help of programmers, animators, producers, and audio engineers.

    They do initial market research to ensure that people would enjoy playing the game concept they are building. They work with the team to make sure that game experience meets with their original concept.

  2. Game Animator/Visual Artist: Visual Artists give physical structure to the characters, objects, environment, and sceneries in the game. They provide details to the skin textures of each characters, the watery gloss on the road when it rains, or define the shadows in accordance with the source of light.

  3. Game Programmer: Game programmers add fuel to the engine. They develop codes that make the game concept run. They co-ordinate and work with game artists, game designers, game producers and sound technicians, in order to ensure the technical coding is in sync with the game design and that it does justice to its creative vision. Game Programmer perform testing of program codes and fix the flaws in the game pointed out by game testers.

  4. Game Tester: Playing games and earning by it would be dream job of many people, and the role of game testers is not much different. But the task of game testers is not only to just relax and play games, they play-test the game in a systematic way, analyzing the game’s performance.

    Their task involves playing of same level over & over again until it is assured of the absence of any bugs or glitches. The work needs playing games for long hours and making sure the gaming experience of players does not compromise.

  5. Narrative Designer: Narrative Designers work closely with Game Designers to add context to the story; how the villain became the villain, why they need to be defeated and what the player will gain after defeating the villain.

    The creativity of Narrative Designer comes into play when they have to describe the circumstances through actions or expressions of the characters more than what they speak. Their work is to add the cherry on the top of the gameplay by defining the “story experience” the player will have during the game, thereby enhancing the experience of playing.

So, these are the career options in gaming industry. And, as gaming industry in India as well as internationally is in boom, the future in this industry appears to be very bright.




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