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Posted in Animation, KSHITIJ VIVAN blogs on Jun 25, 2020

How Coronavirus is giving a boom to Animation Industry...

We all have seen how Coronavirus has created disruption worldwide and created negative impact on almost all industries and turned profitable business into loss making businesses. However, very few industries have also gained from this pandemic, and one of them is Animation industry. Animation industry has not slowdown amid the corona crisis in fact it is now growing in the this hard times.

Animation has always been a powerful medium of visual storytelling.

But since Covid-19 hit, animations have become one of the hottest trends in content marketing.

In the current situation, more & more brands are turning towards Animation. But the question is why??

And the answer is very obvious, today the one big step to combat this pandemic is lockdown and so people are at home and thus shooting is stopped. And, to do animation, one does not require to go outside, Animation can be done on any PC and IT devices.

So, brands are looking more towards Animation in this time.

You may have noticed that many tv serials have stop airing new episodes because of no fresh shooting for the episodes.

But, the cartoon channels are airing new episodes on time, some of the examples are Disney cartoons and Nickelodeon group cartoons, and the reason behind it is that they mostly work on animation and thus this crises haven’t affected them.

One more thing to notice is that corona has also caused jobs of people leading to the unemployment in countries. But contrary to this, the animation industry is hiring in this situation and providing jobs to people. And some companies hiring most in this situation are Mercury Filmworks and Story media group which have hired 35 & 32 people respectively in last two months and thus helping people to meet their needs in this difficult situation.

Animation already was an attractive business and growing at a good speed but corona has given this industry a super boom and a great importance.




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