Best Guidelines for Creating Stunning Concept Art

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Concept art is about creating visually appealing art for a storyline or an image. This art communicates and shares about the past and the current situation. It is the art created to convey the environment, and elements present. It helps to create a mood of the story that is being narrated.

Creating a single piece of work is concept art, creating a series of work is concept art, and creating the whole universe is also a concept art. They are created with different purposes like movies, games, and even entertainment.

Concept art is not just an idea, but it is more than that. While creating one, it takes a lot of different skillsets to execute that idea and fit in the protagonist.

Guidelines for Concept Art

Here are guidelines for you so that you can improve your process of creating concept art.

Idea and Research

There is a possibility of two or more artists getting hit by the same idea. Nothing is surprising about that. So before you start working on your idea, look if someone created something like that or close enough for confirmation. You may end up with an inspiration.

Once you are done with that, research about the elements you are willing to work on. For example, if you are trying to work with boats and ships, try to learn about them. By doing this, you will learn about various things about the object you are trying to work on. If you know the functionality and the build of the object, you will be able to break the object properly and create an acceptable one.


The composition is not only placements of shapes, but it is also about the design strength they provide to your big picture. You are the artist, you have the power to move them along in your space, don't waste that power because you don't want to think about them. Place them in a place where they make sense and some values to your story. Correctly placing the objects can change the whole perspective of your audience.


Being a young and immature artist, you may lack the knowledge and experience to understand the value of values. Lightness and darkness are a very important aspect of the picture. If you want your colors to spread the magic, try to focus on the values of your composition. Using the right correct value will help you create the depth you want to show and will pull the eyes of viewers to the point where you want them to look or where the real action is taking place.


Before you pull out the expensive set of your art supply and start applying them on the paper or switch on your artist tab, create the thumbnails. Creating different thumbnails will give you an idea of how your final concept art will look like. You will easily change the stage and the position of the objects. This will help you balance your concept art with very little effort and time.

While creating thumbnails, you should also play with perspective and see yourself at what angle the concept would look more appealing and dynamic. KSHITIJ VIVAN Animation Academy encourages students to make creative animation. From Different Cities like Gujarat, Rajasthan, ahmedabad, Mundra, Naliya

To create beautiful concept art, follow the above-shared points and see how your work improves. Do share with your friends as we cannot afford to lose enchanting ideas just because of poor execution.




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